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The Peninsula campus was originally a teachers college at Frankston, a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The college gained independence from the Education Department in 1973 and became known as the State College at Frankston.

Following initial talks with Caulfield Institute of Technology in the early 1980s, the college became the Frankston campus of the newly-formed Chisholm Institute of Technology in 1982. On 1 July 1990, both the Peninsula and Caulfield campuses of the Chisholm Institute amalgamated with Monash University.

Since that time, Monash University has developed the campus into a thriving institution with a range of courses being offered including courses from its historic roots in Teaching with Early childhood and Primary Education being on offer.

The original and historic building, Struan House, which was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1903-04, remains a feature at the campus and is currently occupied by the campus's Postgraduate Studies Centre and Business Lounge.

For more information about the history of the Peninsula campus, visit Monash University Records and Archives Services.

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