DCEHPP funding success

30 April 2017

A/Prof Brett Williams from the Department of Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice, and Dr Becky Batagol, and Dr Adiva Sifris from the Faculty of Law have been successful in obtaining $34,000 in funding to continue their research on the mental health of law students at Monash University.

This funding will extend research from work undertaken in 2015 that found 259 undergraduate law students self-reporting alarmingly high levels of mental ill-health (depression, anxiety and stress) in comparison with students at other Australian law schools.

This was undertaken using the DASS-21 tool, a validated clinical and research tool to measure levels of depression, anxiety and stress. Results were alarming from the perspective of the mental health of law students at Monash in 2015. This new funding will now explore identifying strategies or interventions for redress/reduction in stress/anxiety/depression in law students.