Role description - Alumni Global Contact

What is a global contact?

Alumni global contacts are volunteers who serve as a point of contact in their country of residence.  The role of the contact is to provide advice and share professional and life experiences, industry intelligence and networks with fellow members of the Monash community including students, alumni and staff alike.

Contacts may be approached to provide advice on any one or combination of the following:

  • Monash Experience: sharing one’s journey of studying at Monash and beyond
  • Professional Experience:  providing insights into industry trends, employment opportunities and ways to network with fellow professionals
  • Regional Experience: assisting with questions about where you live for others who may be moving to or coming to visit

Who can become a global contact?

Any Monash University graduate who possesses a genuine interest and desire to assist the University and fellow members of the Monash community.

Why become a global contact?

The program aims to provide alumni with the satisfaction that comes from:

  • sharing their knowledge
  • expanding their networks
  • applying their experience and expertise in a new setting
  • helping fellow members of the Monash community
  • re-engaging with the University
  • giving something back

Where do I go for more information and support?

Monash University values its volunteers and commits to ensuring all participants are well-supported during their volunteering experience.  All comments, questions or concerns may be directed to the Alumni Programs Coordinator via