Employability of Malaysian Graduates from Private Higher Education Institutions

Chief Investigator
Dr Cynthia Joseph
Faculty of Education
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Chooi Yen Saw
PhD candidate: Faculty of Education
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You are invited to take part in this study. Please read this Explanatory Statement in full before deciding whether or not to participate in this research. If you would like further information regarding any aspect of this project, you are encouraged to contact the researchers via the phone numbers or email addresses listed above.

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Explanatory Statement

What does the research involve?


This study aimed at exploring the ways in which Malaysian graduates from private higher education institutions construct, understand and attempt to manage their current and future work, careers and employability. Its objective was to investigate how graduates evaluate their private higher education experiences, their career choices and the opportunities they had accessed, and the factors which had influenced their career planning and aspirations.

This study would also like to explore the impact of different types of private higher education experiences, including the knowledge and skills developed in subjects and disciplines, the variables that led to satisfaction with the experience of private higher education and career outcomes. This phase of the study will involve online survey. The time to complete the online questionnaires is approximately one hour or less.

Why were you chosen for this research?

You have been contacted as you have been a graduate from a private higher education institution in Malaysia. You are contacted as you are part of the respective university’s alumni community which you have graduated from.

Consenting to participate in the project and withdrawing from the research

Participation in this study is voluntary and you are under no obligation to consent to participation. In order to participate in this phase of the study, you are required to give your consent electronically by clicking on the “agree” button to the terms stated on the first page of the online questionnaire. However, if you do consent to participate, it will not be possible to withdraw the data once the responses is submitted.  

Possible benefits and risks to participants

You may not directly benefit from this research, however, we hope that your participation in the study may offer some insights and provide a greater understanding of the complexities of employability of graduates from private higher education institutions in Malaysia. We believe there are no known risk associated with this study, however as with online related activity the risk of a breach of confidentiality is always possible. To the best of our ability, your responses in this study will remain confidential. No further risk are foreseen.


During this survey, you will not be asked for your name. The information provided by you in this questionnaire will be used for research purpose only. It will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of your individual responses. The results from the study could be presented in educational settings and conferences, and the results might be published in academic journals. No identifying information will be presented in any capacity to protect your anonymity. Pseudonyms will be used, identifying information will not be reported and every effort will be made to protect participants’ anonymity. The researcher will be the only people who will have access to the data.

Storage of data

Data collected must be stored in accordance with Monash University regulations and kept on University premises in locked cupboard/filing cabinet for 5 years.

Use of data for other purposes

The data collected from this study may be used for future research by the same researcher. Only aggregate de-identified data may be used for other projects where ethics approval has been granted.


Upon completion of the study in 2017, a summary of the results of the study will be available to participants on request to the Chief Investigator.


Should you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of the project, you are welcome to contact the Executive Officer, Monash University Human Research Ethics (MUHREC):

Executive Officer
Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC)
Room 111, Building 3e Research Office Monash University VIC 3800
Tel: +61 3 9905 2052
Email: muhrec@monash.edu
Fax: +61 3 9905 3831

Thank you

Dr Cynthia Joseph