Cycling is a healthy, invigorating and environmentally friendly way to get to campus – and you don't have to live that close with Melbourne's growing network of bike paths making long-distance travel easier and safer.

Once you arrive, we provide plenty of support with shower, changing and parking facilities, including Clayton's James Gormley Bike Arrival Station.

Why ride?

  • Improve your fitness
  • Avoid the stresses of driving into University
  • Save money on parking and driving costs
  • Reduce your carbon emissions

Where to park your bike

You'll find many bike hoops around our campuses, where you can secure you bike with a strong lock. You'll also find shower and changing facilities in many buildings, especially sport and gym venues.

Bike parking location maps can be found using the Monash Maps Page. All bikes parked on campus should be locked to the hoops provided. If you would like to recommend a new bike parking location, please send your request to

James Gormley Bike Arrival Station, Clayton

Open to Monash staff and students at Clayton, this cyclist comfort centre, funded by Monash and the Victorian Government, provides secure undercover parking, showers, change rooms, toilet and locker areas, a drinking fountain and DIY bike repair bay. It contains everything you need after a big ride,  but to access the facility you will need to register (Monash only).

Bike parking @ Caulfield

A swipe accessed bike parking facility is located on the ground floor of the multi-level carpark. It can store up to 60 bikes, has a bike repair station and is conveniently located near the shower and change facilities at Monash Sport (Building S).

20 outdoor bike cages are available for hire between Caulfield campus’ Building S and Building N on a semester basis. Head to the MONSU Caulfield Service Desk (Building S, Level 2, 9903 2525) to check for availability. Lockers for personal items in buildings K, T and S are also available via MONSU. Shower and changing facilities are available at Monash Sport Building S and on the ground floor of Building H.

MPARC Velopod @ Peninsula

Open to Monash staff and students at Peninsula campus, the MPARC Velopod provides a swipe accessed bike storage area, with lockers and a bike repair station. To gain access, speak to Monash Peninsula Security on 9904 4318.

Secure bike parking at Parkville

Parkville staff and students can make use of the secure bike parking areas located on the Parkville campus. To gain access speak to Monash Parkville Security on 9902 7777.

Using trains

You can take your bike on all metropolitan trains, making it possible to peddle around Melbourne from almost anywhere, often in less time and more cheaply than in a car. Public Transport Victoria has some helpful tips for cyclists on trains.

Bike security

Ensure that you lock your bike to an on-campus hoop securely through the frame and wheel if possible.  If you have a second lock use it to secure the second wheel.

For non-urgent security enquires relating to bikes and bike parking you can contact security on 9902 7777 or 9905 3333 in an emergency.

Rider support

You might not get the numbers for a peloton, but getting in touch with other cyclists through the groups below can add more support and safety to a ride to campus, and help you work out the best route.

Monash Community Bicycle Users Group

The Monash Community Bicycle Users Group (McBUG) is a community of cyclists, both students and staff. The group coordinates cycling activities on and off campus – from advocacy to bike-maintenance, commuting to mountain-biking, Clayton events to Around The Bay in a Day. Join the fun by visiting  the McBUG website and emailing The Monash Cycling and Tri Club also organises regular rides throughout the year, see the website for more details.

The Bikery, Clayton

Located at 42 Scenic Boulevard (Monash Sport), the volunteer-run Bikery is the local bikeshop for the Clayton campus.  They sell reconditioned bikes, parts and accessories, performs repairs and advises on DIY projects, all at reasonable prices.  They are open during semester, Monday to Friday  10am  -  4pm.

Bicycle Network

Apart from lots of maps, Bicycle Network has lots of information about safety, events, new trails and new products for the wider Melbourne cycling community.

Free Monash Bikeshare

Red bike

A fleet of red share bikes is available on Monash's Clayton campus.

The bikes can be booked online and are available for use by anybody for free. You can ride the bikes in and around campus for up to 3 hours a day. You need to lock the bike up at any on-campus bike hoop at the end of your ride. For more information and to register, visit the Monash Bikeshare website.

bike share scheme

Bikeshare for Clayton staff

The Monash Staff Bikeshare scheme consists of a fleet of 40 blue bikes which can be used by registered departments to get their staff around campus from one location to another. The bikes are fitted with a unique key locking system and staff from registered departments and faculties will be able to  use  one  of  the unique keys to unlock any of the blue bikes, ride to their destination, and then simply lock up the bike, ready for use by other participants in the scheme.

To register your interest, please email