Your career advantage

Monash can improve your career prospects on several fronts. If your chosen career requires a specific qualification, we build that into your course. We offer industry experience and opportunities to take on internships and volunteer roles and we build a range of important skills into our curriculum,  so that no matter which course you choose, you graduate with the communication, analytical and research skills all employers want.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our international networks to broaden your experiences. You should also speak to our Career Connect staff, who can help you  with everything from getting a part-time job while you study, to helping you realise your ultimate career goals.

In short, we equip you for a successful career.

What will give you a career advantage?

You can choose the best course for your future

At Monash you can be actively involved in choosing your degree options. This flexibility ensures you can graduate with a focused, relevant qualification that opens doors to a variety of great career opportunities.

If you have a very clear idea of your career outcome, you might choose one of our specialist courses and specialise from day one, so you can focus on your identified career goals immediately.

Monash's range of comprehensive courses give you the flexibility to study in a variety of subject areas across a broad field of study but also to focus on the career outcomes you want to achieve. You'll study more subjects in your major area of interest and combine these with other interest areas to  create a customised degree unique to your needs.

You can even expand your employment options by completing a double degree (two courses studied concurrently, for example, design and business, or information technology and science) A double degree allows you to pursue multiple areas of interest and gives you the flexibility to consider multiple careers.

Monash offers a huge range of double degrees with combined degrees offered across most disciplines.

We guarantee your professional entry

Many professions require guarantees of your qualifications for practice before admitting you to their ranks. Monash degrees satisfy the educational requirements of professional registration or membership for entry into both regulated and accredited professions.

Regulated professions – such as architecture, law, teaching, engineering and medicine – require graduates to meet the standards of a government-established authority. Other professions are not regulated, but still require graduates to gain accreditation from a professional body.

If you graduate with a Bachelor of Laws, for example, or a Master of Architecture, you have already met the academic requirements for professional registration (although some professions have additional requirements, such as internships, to be met before registration can occur.)

Alternatively, if you have an undergraduate degree but want to work in a specific discipline, our professional-entry graduate courses can provide a pathway for you to transition into law, teaching and other regulated professions.

You'll benefit from our international reputation

Monash University has built an outstanding global reputation since it was established in 1958. Ranked in the top one per cent of world universities (see 'Our rankings and what they mean') Monash is also a founding member of the national Group of Eight, a coalition of Australia's leading universities.

Ranked highly in all fields, and leading Australia in fields such as chemistry and pharmacology, Monash attracts the very best students and staff.

You'll develop real-world experience

Many Monash courses actively involve our industry partners in both the design and delivery of your education to enable you to be at the forefront of industry knowledge when you graduate.

You'll find a rich array of work-experience, internships and volunteer opportunities open to you, giving you the chance to put theory into practice.

Your outlook will become global

At Monash, every student is a global student. We help you acquire a global perspective from day one to enable you to succeed in a globally competitive workplace throughout your career.

And, of course, Monash offers a great variety of options for you to study and work overseas, adding breadth and depth to your educational experience. You won't find a better opportunity to experience new cultures and add a global perspective to your studies.

Our research partnerships with industry leaders and governments around the world can give you the opportunity to be a part of the development and delivery of new products, and help to find solutions to some of the biggest global issues. All while you're still studying.

Find out more about studying overseas.

Plus, your educational experience will be enriched by the cultural diversity at Monash. Interaction with students from a diverse range of backgrounds will help prepare you for an increasingly global workplace.

And you'll become part of a global network

Monash is not just a university, it's also a community, embracing students from around the world.

When you graduate you'll join more than 280,000 alumni from across the globe – a network that can prove an enormous asset to your career.

The Monash alumni meet regularly all over the world. Meetings can be based on location (across dozens of different countries, from Argentina to Vietnam); profession (there's the Monash MBA alumni community group, or the law alumni); and even hobbies (for example the International Travel and Photography  Group, and the Monash Association of Debaters). You'll meet future employers, employees, clients and colleagues across these rich networks.