Testimonios de alumnos

Dominica Vaca - Ecuador - Bachelor of Education

Dominica Vaca 

"I knew I wanted to do education, and when I was searching for schools I saw that Monash was the 6th best University for Education. I thought that it would be an excellent degree to have and Monash looked like a very nice environment to be in. Now that I'm here I love it, I think it's beautiful. It's easy to get around and easy to get to know people. The people are so friendly and so lovely, if you ever need anything, everyone's just happy to help you, everyone's happy to be there, help you get around, even if they don't know the answer they'll point you in the right direction."

"I love Melbourne, I think Melbourne is beautiful. I live in Berwick and I have the Peninsula very close, so I'm always at the beaches. Then, Melbourne the city has so many things to do all the time, it's just so magnificent. The weather can be kind of weird at times, but it's a small trade-off for all of the other great things about Melbourne."

Felipe Gruneisen - Argentina - MBA

Felipe Gruneisen 

"I chose Monash because I knew that the university had a very good reputation, with great job opportunities after I complete the course. The thing that has impressed me most is the diversity of the MBS cohort, we are 62 students from 20 different nationalities. The facilities, all the classrooms, the halls, the MBA lounge – are all really good, really practical and advanced."

"In 2010 I was living in New Zealand and after working and living there I decided to visit Australia. So that's when I first met Australia and I fell in love with the country. I visited Sydney and Melbourne, so I already knew that it was a good place to live. I think Melbourne is complete. It has culture, it's trendy, and it's arty. It also has a great public transport system."